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09 Jun 2021 . , ,

COVID-19: Workers in Malaysia’s Informal Sectors Still Struggling

"Malaysia's GDP figures released on Feb 11, 2021. They gave a sense of how...

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08 Jun 2021 . , , ,

As Malaysia enforces complete lockdown, Nepali workers struggle with reduced working hours

"The recent upheavals in the wake of Covid-19 fear have come hard on Nepali...

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06 Jun 2021 . , ,

COVID-19 In Malaysia: Can The New Poor Cope In The Post-Pandemic Era? | Insight | Poverty In Asia

"COVID-19 has left many countries including Malaysia economically shaken. Unemployment has hit its highest...

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02 Jun 2021 . , , ,

Pushed to the margins: The unequal impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on marginalised Malaysian workers

Women, youth, and lower-educated workers have borne the brunt of the immediate negative employment...

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