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10 Jun 2021 . , ,

Covid in Malaysia drives thousands of Thai’s home

"About 19,000 Thai workers in Malaysia have returned home due to the economic impacts...

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09 Jun 2021 . , , , ,

Millions of Indonesian migrant workers face hardship in Malaysia amid coronavirus fallout

"While Malaysia managed to flatten its COVID-19 curve with a strict stay-at-home order, a...

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09 Jun 2021 . , , , ,

Malaysia shifts focus to migrant workers amid Singapore surge

"More than a tenth of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Malaysia have been among foreigners,...

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09 Jun 2021 . , , , ,

Cost Of COVID-19 Tests For Migrant Workers Burdening Employers

"As COVID-19 cases in the country continue to reach all-time highs, the pressure is...

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