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10 Jun 2020 . , , , , , ,

Kedah’s replacement logging plan a bad move

Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka Malaysia) strongly disagrees with the Kedah state government’s plan...

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10 Jun 2020 . , , ,

New study shows loss of Southeast Asia’s peat forests drives climate change

Satellite data shows how rapidly Southeast Asia’s vital peat forests are being cleared, drained...

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08 Jun 2020 . , , , ,

Urgent attention needed over forest conversions, flooding incidence in Sarawak

There are serious consequences of the destruction of forests and rivers in Sarawak on...

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20 May 2020 . , , , ,

COVID-19: How business leaders should plan ahead for the next stage

While governments battle the outbreak, businesses need to help economies come back online. Here...

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