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20 Apr 2018 . , , , ,

Malaysia City Brain initiative to use real-time, anonymised traffic data from Grab

The Malaysia City Brain project was first announced in January 2018, to use big...

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29 Mar 2018 . , , , , , , ,

The link between smart cities and Malaysia’s economic growth

In Malaysia, smart cities offer significant growth potential, but challenges remain.

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30 Jan 2018 . , , ,

How Malaysia plans to win the Smart City race

The all-encompassing aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living...

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20 Jul 2017 . , , , , ,

Teknologi dron kian popular dalam kalangan pesawah Kelantan

Penggunaan teknologi dron bagi melancarkan kerja semburan racun dan baja cecair di sawah padi,...

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