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21 Aug 2020 . , ,

Measuring Poverty: What about Eating Out?

A research paper that explores the frequency of eating out among Malaysians and examines...

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30 Jul 2020 . , ,

Covid-19 crisis: Atlas of community resilience

Modeling the potential impacts of Covid-19

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23 Jul 2020 . , , , , , ,

OECD policy responses to coronavirus (COVID-19) cities policy responses

The note provides analysis on issues related to the economic, social and environmental impacts,...

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12 Jul 2020 . , , , ,

Malaysia perlu teroka kontrak sosial baharu, hentikan kitaran kemiskinan

Wakil Residen UNDP di Malaysia, Singapura dan Brunei, Niloy Banerjee berkata Malaysia perlu meneroka...

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