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06 Jun 2021 . , ,

COVID-19 In Malaysia: Can The New Poor Cope In The Post-Pandemic Era? | Insight | Poverty In Asia

"COVID-19 has left many countries including Malaysia economically shaken. Unemployment has hit its highest...

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06 Jun 2021 . , , ,

Malaysia’s Indigenous People Hit Hard By Coronavirus Lockdown

"As Malaysia imposes movement restrictions, its indigenous people, often poor and rural, will be...

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06 Jun 2021 . ,

Coordinating Help For The Marginalised

"What is it like to be involved with bodies that are helping the marginalised...

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28 Apr 2021 . , ,

Families on the edge Research on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on lower income families

In May 2020, UNICEF and UNFPA jointly commissioned the Families on the Edge study...

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